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Simon Ocheje – Gospel Music Africana – Propagating the Gospel Through Music

Download mp3: Magnificent By Simon Ocheje

Lyrics Intro.Hallelujah, God we bless your nameWe magnify your holly name JesusOh yeah, thank you Jesus. 1You can do what we cannot do.You can change what we cannot changeThat’s the reason we trust you, Jesus..We cannot make it without you presence,We won’t be saved without you Lord, that’s the reason we trust you Jesus.(x4) ChorusMagnificent […]Read More

Download mp3: So Much By Simon Ocheje

Lyrics Intro.Hmmm, see how ur blood change my life, so muchSee how you change my lifeSee how you set me freeOh oh, see what u have done for me.Oh say. ChorusYour blood has changed my life,so much, so much (x2)Your blood has set me freeSo much, so much(x2) 1Oh, oh, See how you set me […]Read More