Download: Your love by Faith Swat.

 Download: Your love by Faith Swat.
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Your love, Your love

Your love, Your love x2

Your love is so great

Your love is so real

Your love is so powerful….  Yeah

Your love is so Strong

Your love is so deep

Your love is so beautiful


You loved me when I was in sin

You came for me when I was lost and you,

You freed me from all my sins and chains you

Set me free to oh Lord


 You loved me before I was formed

You gave yourself to set me free and you

You took my place on the cross you saved me

You bought me with a price oh Lord


(Your love, your love)

Your love chases me

Your love  looks for me

Your love saved me

Your love changed me

Your love made me new

Your love makes me whole

Your love searches me 

Your love brings me to you

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